New Project Announcement:



David's company Cloudid Media and Autodesk have started to build this project.

Wireframe Demo Version #1
From the 1st hackathon (Nov. 2015). More landscape/building details, zoom, sound etc to be added soon.

One of the biggest problems facing climate change scientists is that people cannot relate to the science. The problem is too vast and the data to impersonal. It is very difficult to understand and visualize how the temperature rising a few degrees will actually affect our planet and our lives in any real way. We hear about the calamitous events that are coming but most people tend to think of it as something that will happen in another part of the world and to someone else. “We will just have hotter summers right?”

The questions that needs to be answered are:

How do we make the impact of global warning “real”? 
How do we make it local and personal? 
How do we make the scientific data have an emotional response for individuals?

Autodesk’s Predictive Design will bring into focus what climate change and global warming actually means to individuals and the planet, globally and locally. A touch screen map with variable data point which demonstrates the real impact of global warming on the earth and species living here. Through a large touch screen the user can manipulate data points and see (experience) the results.