The world is in trouble, but its not too late…

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We all now know that the global average temperature passing the threshold of 2° is the point where really bad things start to happen… and it becomes much more difficult to slow down the devastating effects of climate change. But, if you look online and in the media, it’s very hard to find a good reference for when 2° will actually happen. Presently, the 2° target floats abstract in the public mind. The Countdown 2° Clock acts a public line in the sand and says, “This is the date”. It will act as a measuring stick by which we can evaluate our progress.

Each year, a week before Earth Day, the clock will be stopped. A group of the leading climate scientists from around the world will evaluate the latest data; and then, on Earth Day, restart the clock with a new time. We will be able to see how we are doing in relation to 2°. Have we gained time or lost time?

Humanity has the power to add time to the clock… but, only if we work collectivity and measure our progress against defined targets.

The Clock is a not-for-profit installation created by David Usher with Playmind Creative Studios, Dr. Damon Mathews and researchers at Concordia University. Special thanks to Waseem Hasan, Adam Davies and Jonathan Gallivan. Music by The Cinematic Orchestra featuring Patrick Watson, Steve Reich and Michael Nyman.

Upcoming Installations:

David Suzuki Foundation Event - Feb. 25th 2016
C2 Montreal Conference - May 24-26 2016

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