Creativity Reading List

These are the latest books related to creativity Ive read, Im reading or are sitting on my desk or Ipad just waiting to be opened. 

By Charles Duhigg
By Rebecca Solnit
By Tom Kelley, David Kelley
By Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, Bruce Patton
By Twyla Tharp
By Susan Cain
By Trevor Owens, Obie Fernandez
By Patti Smith
By Seth Godin
By Danielle Krysa
By Mitch Joel
By Ed Catmull, Amy Wallace
By Jonah Lehrer
By Steven Pressfield
By Ernest Hemingway
By Daniel Kahneman
By Leonard Cohen
Anything You Want
By Derek Sivers
By Natalie Goldberg
By Steven D. Levitt, Stephen J. Dubner
By Stephen King
By Steven Pressfield
By Chris Brogan
By Eric Ries
By Nir Eyal
By Daniel H. Pink
By Julia Cameron
By Chip Heath, Dan Heath
By Madeline, PhD Levine
By Austin Kleon
By Ken Robinson
By Betty Edwards
By David Byrne
By Jon Gertner
By Garr Reynolds
By Neil Gaiman
Chicago Review Press
By Dan Roam
By Rick Hanson
By Clayton M. Christensen
By Michael Brooks
By Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
By Nick Morgan
By E.F. Schumacher
By Jonah Berger
By Henri Poincaré
By Ronald T. Kellogg
Harvard Business Review Press
By Nassim Nicholas Taleb
By Graham