The Rising Seas
Interactive 3D Modeling of Sea Level Rise Installations and Website

Cloudid Media and Autodesk have started to build this project.

The Rising Seas is an interactive 3D platform that allows users to visualize the impacts of sea level rise in specific locations. On large touchable screens users can change global emission levels and then see how sea level is impacted as they navigate from an earth view to city view to street view. Our platform is built on Autodesk’s Stingray Gaming Engine and our code is open source and will be hosted on Github. Our platform scaling strategy is to engage non-profits, university and college programs to create their own interactive installations in their own locations. Our goal is not only to grow the number of installations but also to enable a whole new generations of designers and programmers to engage with climate change locally and become interested in climate change globally.

We are happy to announce that will be using our technology to build an interactive installation of sea level rise focused around San Francisco. We will continue to consult on both interactive and technical issues throughout the build. 

In Phase 2 we will migrate our interactive models to the web as an education tool and plugin for established climate change sites. We need to make touchable interactive tools that allow people to experience the impact of climate change in modern dynamic ways.

Wireframe Demo Version #1
From the 1st hackathon (Nov. 2015). More landscape/building details, zoom, sound etc to be added soon.

Our Goals:

• Build Interactive Sea Level Rise Installations in iconic locations and bring the conversation of climate change into public spaces.
• Crowd source building other locations with university and college programs around the world and create a network that engages the designers and programmers of tomorrow with the challenges of climate change.
• Migrate the project to the web where it can be used as tool for educators, hosted on our website and used as a plugin to be integrated into other established climate change websites.

Team Members:

David Usher
And the amazing group of volunteers at Autodesk
Julie Sylvain, Project Manager
Anda Li, Software Engineer
Bruno Landry, Product Owner
Camille Martin, Software Developer
Clint Lewis, Product Designer
Dan Matlack, Product Support Specialist
David Ménard, Software Engineer
Francis Hurteau, Software Developer
Francois Cardin, Graphic Designer
Ian Hooper, Principal Interaction Designer
Kristin Dalzell, Learning Content Manager
Marie-Claude Jutras, QA Analyst
Louis Marcoux, Application Specialist
Patrice Vignola, Software Developer
Sylvain Lavoie, Senior QA Analyst
Tracey Houston, Senior Content Developer

Support Organization:

The Autodesk Foundation


For more informations contact: