DAVID USHER • Keynote Speaker

Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything!

When innovative companies like Google, 3M, Cisco, Pepsi, Xerox and SAP want to inspire creative thinking in their employees and executives they bring in David Usher. David doesn't just talk about creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence, he lives it.

Drawing from his unique experience as a multi-platinum, 4 time Juno award winning musician, best-selling author and as the founder of the artificial intelligence creative studio Reimagine AI,  David defines the path that companies and institutions can follow to reboot their creativity in this brave new world of disruptive change.

Using examples from inside the disruption of the music business by the digital economy to his experience at the forefront of the artificial intelligence revolution working with companies like Google Brain, David reveals why now more than ever creativity and innovation is the only way forward and your last, best competitive advantage. In his dynamic presentation, he electrifies audiences and demonstrates that creativity and creative success is a learnable skill that anyone can master.

His interactive keynotes use live music, video, improvisation, technology, and humour to show audiences the steps they can take to jumpstart their creative process in their work and their lives. 

In this new world where innovation runs like water, creativity is not a risk or a luxury.
It is absolutely, a necessity. 

Recent Clients

Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada
Event Planner, Dana Zita - “Rave reviews from the evaluations”

“David was awesome”
“DAVID USHER – best guest speaker ever”
“I can’t believe we had David Usher – so great”
“I want to see if we can get David to speak at our next internal meeting – our old stuffy bank needs some creativity pumped into it”
“David was so refreshing and it was a great way to end our long Friday of sessions”

“I knew we needed a keynote speaker whose ideas laddered up to our event messaging; someone interesting; edgy; and unexpected for Xerox. We couldn’t have imagined it going any better.... beyond our expectations! We have never (in all the years we have been managing events) witnessed audiences so engaged and reignited during our keynotes. And then – for them to take the time to “write in” all these great comments ... unheard of!”
Xerox Director of Global Events • Sandra DelVecchio


“Don't just talk about risk, show people what it feels like. Don't tell them to step outside of the box, actually show them how. Creativity is an action sport, its dynamic, its visceral, its alive. It needs to be taken on with wonder and excitement. And that message works best when it's a hell of a lot of fun.” David Usher

“We use a lot of external speakers and the feedback from our audience was that David was one of the best they ever have seen. I agree. His message is perfect for this moment in our industry where things are moving quickly and we need to innovate our way forward.”
Andrew Sage • Cisco Systems Vice President

“I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of professional speakers and David brought something to the stage that I had never seen before. His ability to both educate and entertain had the audience completely engaged and we look forward to working with him in other cities.”
Scott Kavanagh • Founder, The Art Of Conferences

“David Usher is an engaging, educational and inspiring speaker. His combining of interactivity, personal insight and music brought a truly unique and compelling perspective on the subject of creativity and technology. Surprising, honest and polished. David brought the same intensity and strength to his presentation as we’ve come to know in his musicianship. David is an excellent, unique keynote speaker. I recommend him highly.”
Stuart MacDonald • CMO Freshbooks

““I’ve had the pleasure of having David speak at two events and he always delivers. Too many business people see creativity as something that is best left to the artists. David proves that artists can demonstrate the value of creativity in the workplace. He’s smart, original and delivers a unique perspective that is humorous, memorable and actionable. With the addition of his musical interludes and performances, it’s an event that any company or organization will not soon forget. I know we haven’t.”
Mitch Joel • President Mirum Agency

“David is a gifted and charismatic performer and speaker. He has a brilliant and disciplined mind for business, and a unique view and understanding of technology. This unique combination of specific skills and creative instincts is rare. His experiments with audience interactivity and his curiosity and thoughts on the next stage of technology are ahead of the curve, and a valuable commodity for both businesses and creative companies.”
Gillian Ferrabee • Cirque du Soleil, Director/Creative Lab

““We asked for a WOW!!! and that is exactly what we got.”