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Hacker Redirects Traffic From 19 Internet Providers to Steal Bitcoins | Threat Level | WIRED

Im really interested in Bitcoins. Mostly because I dont fully understand how it all works, what the process is and how the algorithm makes it all run. When I hear about guys redirecting internet traffic to steal Bitcoins it just makes me want to know more. Im looking at getting a wallet and letting the coins fall where they may. Fun stuff. 

Researchers at Dell’s SecureWorks security division say they’ve uncovered a series of incidents in which a bitcoin thief redirected a portion of online traffic from no less than 19 Internet service providers, including data from the networks of Amazon and other hosting services like DigitalOcean and OVH, with the goal of stealing cryptocurrency from a group of bitcoin users. Though each redirection lasted just 30 second or so, the thief was able to perform the attack 22 times, each time hijacking and gaining control of the processing power of a group of bitcoin miners, the users who expend processing power to add new coins to the currency’s network.

The attacker specifically targeted a collection of bitcoin mining “pools”–bitcoin-producing cooperatives in which users contribute their computers’ processing power and are rewarded with a cut of the resulting cryptocurrency the pool produces. The redirection technique tricked the pools’ participants into continuing to devote their processors to bitcoin mining while allowing the hacker to keep the proceeds. At its peak, according to the researchers’ measurements, the hacker’s scam was pocketing a flow of bitcoins and other digital currencies including dogecoin and worldcoin worth close to $9,000 a day. “With this kind of hijacking, you can quite easily grab a large collection of clients,” says Pat Litke, one of the Dell researchers. “It takes less than a minute, and you end up with a lot of mining traffic under your control.”

This Woman Invented a Way to Run 30 Lab Tests on Only One Drop of Blood | Science | WIRED

This is an fantastic story. Makes me wish I quite school to start a company :)

That was a decade ago. Holmes, now 30, dropped out of Stanford and founded a company called Theranos with her tuition money. Last fall it finally introduced its radical blood-testing service in a Walgreens pharmacy near company head­quarters in Palo Alto, California. (The plan is to roll out testing centers nation­wide.) Instead of vials of blood—one for every test needed—Theranos requires only a pinprick and a drop of blood. With that they can perform hundreds of tests, from standard cholesterol checks to sophisticated genetic analyses. The results are faster, more accurate, and far cheaper than conventional methods.


A very interesting look at the inside of the design process of the site aprilzero....

This is the first chapter of how I designed this site. I will share some sketches, deleted concepts and old prototypes explaining how it evolved along the way.


fun, funny, creative brains from South Africa...puts a smile on my face!

and if thats not enough...

What is Bayhem?

This will make you look at Michael Bay movies in different way. They are still terrible, but instead of focusing on the disjointed story and flimsy dialogue you can spend 2 hours deconstructing the scenes which is actually pretty interesting.

Creative Spark: Dustin Lance Black

Kill what you love, AKA kill your darlings...

Think its all fun and flowers, Dustin shows his creative structure verging on OCD.