Born in Oxford England, David Usher lives in Montreal with his family but works and travels all over the world. He is an artist, best selling author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker. As a musician he has sold more than 1.4 million albums, won 4 Junos and has had #1 singles singing in English, French and Thai. Music:

When David is not making music, he is equally passionate about his other life, as a Geek. He is the founder Reimagine AI, an artificial intelligence creative studio working with companies like Google Brain and focused on building interactive artificial intelligence technology. 

David is an in-demand keynote speaker and travels the world speaking about the creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence to companies like Google, 3M, Cisco, Pepsi and Deloitte.

He is also the co-creator (with Dr. Damon Matthews) of the Climate Clock. The Climate Clock has been presented at the UN's Cop23, the G7 Summit and is presently on exhibit with the Canada Museum of Science and Innovation.

David has a degree in political science from Simon Fraser University and his book on creativity and the creative process, Let the Elephants Run Unlock Your Creativity and Change Everything is out now. 

“David’s insightful take on how to both unleash and control one’s own creativity is particularly relevant in today’s world, where new ideas and innovation are becoming a key part of our everyday lives.” 
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

"Go ahead, write in this book. I dare you. David’s writing will change you, possibly forever." 
Seth Godin - author of the Icarus Deception

"We use a lot of external speakers and the feedback from our audience was that David was one of the best they ever have seen.  I agree.  His message is perfect for this moment in our industry where things are moving quickly and we need to innovate our way forward."
Andrew Sage • Cisco Systems, Vice President

“We have been given a very short window of opportunity by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — that’s why the Climate Clock is so important. The clock is ticking and we need to be reminded of how little time we have left to act.”  David Suzuki

David’s Artificial Intelligent Studio • Reimagine AI - Visit

Artificial Intelligence Lyric Assistant Pablo Samuel Castro (Google Brain), David Usher (Reimagine.AI), Hugo Larochelle (Google Brain)

David hosted a panel and conversation with lead AI researchers: Joëlle Pineau head of Facebook AI, Philippe Beaudoin co-founder of Element AI,  Doina Precup head of Deepmind and Pablo Castro researcher at Google Brain, at the Canada Museum of Science and Innovation.