In this new environment creativity is not a risk or a luxury, it is absolutely a necessity
But heres the good news...

Creativity is a learnable skill
Any person, company or institution can learn to be more creative. 
David will show you how!

“David’s insightful take on how to both unleash and control one’s own creativity is particularly relevant in today’s world, where new ideas and innovation are becoming a key part of our everyday lives.” 
Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

"Go ahead, write in this book. I dare you. David’s writing will change you, possibly forever." 
Seth Godin - author of the Icarus Deception

"We use a lot of external speakers and the feedback from our audience was that David was one of the best they ever have seen.  I agree.  His message is perfect for this moment in our industry where things are moving quickly and we need to innovate our way forward."
Andrew Sage • Cisco Systems, Vice President

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